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Bear's claws were some of the items frequently included in medicine bundles.

Some tribes' warriors would wear necklaces of bear claws as these were believed to bring the warriors strength and power.


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Native American Made

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Made In United States
Height 1.5"
Width 0.4"

Genuine Bear Claw Turquoise and Coral Sterling Silver Pendant

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This genuine bear claw pendant measures approximately 1 1/2 inches (not including the bail).

Additionally, both a Kingman Turquoise and a Mediterranean Red Coral have been placed on the .925 Sterling Silver cap. In the Native American culture, Turquoise represents luck, and they often refer to Coral as "red-gold" because they value it and hold it in high esteem. The combination of these two stones symbolizes balance in life.

As this is a hand made product from a genuine bear claw, slight variations in the actual product are possible.

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