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The chemical name for Turquoise is Aluma Phosphate which, in its pure chemical state, is white.

White Buffalo Turquoise forms when no heavy metals are present, which is a very rare occurrence. Typically, Turquoise takes on its color from either the copper or iron in the stone. The more copper in the stone, the greener the appearance and more iron, will result in the stone appearing more blue in hue. White Buffalo Turquoise was found in 1993. It was discovered north of Austin, NV near Tonopah, NV in the Dry Creek Mine. It was not turned into jewelry until 1996, due to the fact that the stone had never been found anywhere else in the world. The Shoshone Indians who help mine the White Turquoise are not known for their jewelry work, so it is typically sold or traded to the Navajo Indians in Arizona, who then work it into the beautiful accessories. White Buffalo Turquoise was named to honor the White Buffalo animal, to whom the Native Americans consider to be rare and sacred. The White Turquoise itself is considered to be sacred and powerful.

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Native American Made

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Made In United States
Height 1.5"
Width 0.5"

White Buffalo Turquoise Oval Feather Edged Sterling Silver Pendant

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The White Buffalo Turquoise Feather Edged Sterling Silver Pendant features the White Buffalo Turquoise stone. White Buffalo Turquoise is a rare stone found only in Nevada. The pendant has a feather design along the edge surrounding the elongated oval stone and it hangs from a small bail. In the Native American culture, Turquoise represents luck. This pendant is made of .925 Sterling Silver and on the back you can see the artist's stamp, as well as a "Sterling" stamp.

Due to the unique nature of each piece, the stone and setting may vary slightly from the picture shown.
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